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Beat Saber Adds 80+ New Single Saber Levels

Beat Saber Adds 80+ New Single Saber Levels

The latest Beat Saber update adds 80+ new single saber levels across a range of difficulties.

Check out how intense the new mode can be in the trailer from Beat Games below:

There’s of course left-handed mode available in the menu system if you want to play with the opposite hand. We looked through the song list and it looks like many of the songs in the original soundtracks have one-handed mappings now, but not all songs have all the difficulties covered. If you play Beat Saber at Expert level or above, though, you should find a bunch of songs to tire out with one arm at a time.

We re-reviewed the seminal rhythm game earlier in the year and put together a top 10 list of the best DLCs for the game ranging from Billie Eilish to Green Day. With the holiday shopping season coming up, we’ll be curious to see what Beat Games and Meta have in store for its most popular title throughout the rest of the year.

Since launch, there’s been consistent updates to Beat Saber, adding not just paid DLC but new free content as well, such as today’s single saber update. Celebrating it’s fourth birthday recently, Beat Saber added two new remixes of tracks from the game’s original soundtrack, featuring the visual overhauls of recent releases and their stunning lighting effects. There’s also now a new 3D level editor on PC, for those who wish to map their own custom tracks to play or release on PC VR.

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