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E3 2019: Beat Saber Adds Imagine Dragons Hits At $1.99 Each, 10-Track Pack For $12.99

E3 2019: Beat Saber Adds Imagine Dragons Hits At $1.99 Each, 10-Track Pack For $12.99

Imagine Dragons’ hit song Believer includes the lyric “I’m fired up and tired of the way that things have been.” That might as well be the anthem of Prague-based Beat Games as it swipes its way into the music industry with hit VR game Beat Saber.

Believer is one of 10 tracks in an Imagine Dragons pack available as a $12.99 add-on to Beat Saber across all platforms. Each track sells for $1.99 individually. The new pack marks the first major recording artist to team up with Beat Games after the earlier Monstercat Music Pack Vol. 1 and K/DA’s Pop Stars.

Imagine Dragons Music Pack

Track list:

  • “Bad Liar”
  • “Believer”
  • “Digital”
  • “It’s Time”
  • “Machine”
  • “Natural”
  • “Radioactive”
  • “Thunder”
  • “Warriors”
  • “Whatever It Takes”

The developers of Beat Saber aren’t the only ones who noticed that Imagine Dragons’ music is a good fit for Beat Saber. More than a year ago user “Rustic” uploaded a version of the song and a beat map for it to — a website designed to help players mod the game and add their own maps to it. According to the site, the package has been downloaded nearly 500,000 times.

Here’s a viral video from last year with more than 4.5 million views for Believer in Beat Saber:

Official support for catchy songs with great beat mapping is surely going to be welcome by many players. Beat Games, however, regularly issues updates for the game and, in doing so, often break mods used by some players. This can be frustrating to players who invest extraordinary amounts of time playing with songs that were added to the game through modification. Meanwhile, some intrepid players have even started to modify the Oculus Quest version of the game.

We’ll be curious to see how the new song pack is received by the community of early adopting players. Oculus is planning to demo a 360-degree version of Believer at E3.

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