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Beat Saber Enables Oculus & Steam Multiplayer Crossplay

Beat Saber Enables Oculus & Steam Multiplayer Crossplay

Beat Saber players can now compete against one another no matter if they are using the Steam version of the game or the Oculus version of the game for Quest and Rift.

The official Twitter account for the rhythm game announced the change today “so you can join multiplayer matches and slash the beats together”. Previously, only players on the Oculus version of the game on Rift and Quest could crossplay against one another while Steam-based PC VR players could only play against other players with the Steam version of the game.

Multiple delays have held up the launch of PSVR multiplayer entirely, but in August Facebook confirmed in an email to UploadVR that it was exploring crossplay functionality for PSVR as well.

Multiplayer for Beat Saber first launched in October of 2020 with the Oculus Quest 2 and it has become an integral part of the experience to be synced up and slicing through boxes to a great song in time with other players. Crossplay across VR headsets on different platforms is becoming an increasingly important feature as it makes it possible to play with friends even if they don’t have the same headset. Games like Star Wars: Squadrons, No Man’s Sky, Rec Room, Walkabout Mini Golf, and Warplanes have enabled the feature across different systems, and they’re on the list of best games to support the feature.

Beat Saber’s development studio Beat Games was purchased by Facebook in late 2019 and the developers have continued to add new song packs to the game, with the latest from Skrillex releasing recently.

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