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Beat Saber 90Hz Support Hits Quest 2 In New Update

Beat Saber 90Hz Support Hits Quest 2 In New Update

The long-awaited Beat Saber 90Hz patch for Oculus Quest 2 is here, and there are other updates too.

Beat Games today revealed the latest update for its VR smash hit. Though it’s rolling out across all platforms, the headlining addition is 90Hz support for Oculus Quest 2 users, a feature we’ve been waiting on since the headset’s launch last October.

Beat Saber 90Hz Support Is Here

Previously Beat Saber on Quest ran at 72Hz, which is the cap on the original headset. Quest 2 shipped with a 90Hz display in 2020, but didn’t allow developers to implement support until a few weeks after launch. Beat Saber 90Hz support means that the game will run smoother than ever on the standalone headset, but note that the feature is exclusive to Quest 2 – you can’t hit 90Hz on Quest 1.

Most other changes are still Oculus-specific. There’s now support for Oculus Group launching, letting you jump straight into multiplayer with friends in an Oculus party, and other players can now launch the game directly onto your private server too.

Outside of Oculus, the update adjusts the No Fail modifier apply a 0.5x multiplier only after you deplete all your energy and brings back player statistics. Beat Games also says to check the patch notes for your version of the game for further changes.

Beat Games is now owned by Facebook itself, so it’s not surprising to see Beat Saber getting so many Oculus-specific features. Meanwhile, PSVR fans are still waiting on the arrival of multiplayer support, which was delayed to 2021 a few months back. 2021 will also see the launch of the game’s fourth official soundtrack DLC, which will include some metal songs.

Are you excited about Beat Saber 90Hz support? Let us know in the comments below!

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