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Bean Stalker VR Is 30% Off Until December 1st

Bean Stalker VR Is 30% Off Until December 1st

Every time you boot Bean Stalker VR from Steam there’s a new stalk to climb with different challenges and a new quest to beat.

Developed and published by VR Storm, Bean Stalker VR is 30% off on Steam until December 1st, following its release in early access on September 21st, 2021. The challenge is all about scaling huge bean stalks using whatever resources and equipment found on the way, making it a mixture of a loot shooter with RPG and puzzle elements, with support for both standing or room-scale movement depending on the space available to the player.

“A world where danger lurks under every leaf. Where real heroes don’t only climb up, but climb down too. Evolve, loot resources, and craft to conquer higher levels above the clouds. Why? To beat the most dangerous enemy, the spirit of the tree, and become one of the legendary Bean Stalkers,” the game’s description on Steam reads.

The Upperworld and Underworld collided between the stalks, so evil creatures have been released. As the player ascends, and sometimes descends, they will encounter enemies along the way that will try to stop them from reaching their goal. There’s plenty of weaponry, though, including firearms and melee weapons that ensure a well-equipped journey to deal with the various critters and other nasties blocking the path.

There are three maps and each time you  play, the game grows a procedurally generated bean stalk from your selected map. Given the unpredictability, adapting to the challenge is key if the player is to succeed in making it to the top. It could players take more than six hours to complete a single level and there are different ways to tackle the environmental troubles depending on how the player prefers to handle it. Different tools discovered along the way will make this easier too, but it is up to each “bean stalker” — a hunter on the vine so to speak — to complete the challenges in their own way.

If the player can’t find a helpful object, they can always craft one using materials found on the beanstalk along the way, which will be necessary to overcome obstacles. It’s possible to leave the tree at any time to head back and upgrade too, which is greatly encouraged by the developers.

From today, Bean Stalker VR will be 30% off on Steam until December 1st. You can purchase Bean Stalker on Steam. If you want to see more, you can check out VR Storm, you can check them out on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Twitch, Reddit, or Discord.

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