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Batman: Arkham VR Is Finally Coming To Vive And Rift

Batman: Arkham VR Is Finally Coming To Vive And Rift

We always knew Sony had timed exclusivity on PSVR launch title, Batman: Arkham VR, but we still didn’t know if or when it would show up on the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive on PC. Today, though, we’ve got an update.

Developer Rocksteady Studios has announced that the PC version of its VR debut will be arriving on April 25th with full support for the Vive wands and Oculus Touch controllers on their respective platforms. There’s not much more to go on right now but, in fairness, there’s not much else to know. A new trailer can be seen below and the visuals certainly seem like they’ve been kicked up a notch from the already-impressive PSVR version.

Batman: Arkham VR allows players to put on the iconic cowl of the caped crusader for the first time. It’s a short adventure, lasting between 40 minutes to an hour, in which you’ll go on a whirlwind tour of Gotham City, visiting some of its more recognizable locales and characters as you investigate a mysterious murder. The game is set inside the Arkham universe that Rocksteady established with its previous Batman games.

Despite the polish and immersion, we sadly weren’t taken with Arkham VR when it launched on PSVR in October. Games Editor David Jagneaux gave the game 5/10, writing: ” What was shipped here is little more than a tech demo, or a museum of objects and features that are never fully realized. Just as each scene from the game starts to feel like its picking up some steam, it’s over and you’re onto the next vignette of content. Die hard Batman fans will find enough fan service to warrant a purchase, but if you’re looking for an actual game featuring the Dark Knight in VR, then you’re better off waiting a while longer.”

Unfortunately, we’re still waiting. Meanwhile, we’re eager to see if other timed-exclusive PSVR games like Resident Evil 7 will make their way to PC-based headsets.

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