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Online Meme Becomes (Virtual) Reality With 'Banana For Scale' Game

Online Meme Becomes (Virtual) Reality With 'Banana For Scale' Game

According to Know Your Meme, the first known use of what would later become the ‘banana for scale’ meme was all the way back in 2005. Now, 15 years later, the joke has been taken so far that it now exists as its own fully-fledged VR game where you use virtual bananas to measure virtual objects… for scale?

Banana for Scale is a recently released VR game developer by two-man development team Hypothermic Games, available on Steam for PC VR. As the title would suggest, the concept is simple – grab virtual bananas from a dispenser, measure the given object in each level, and dump the appropriate amount of bananas into a tube to confirm how tall the object is in bananas.

Given the seemingly meme-y nature of the content, you probably wouldn’t be surprised if that was all there was to it. But wait – there is more! Much more, in fact. Not only does the singleplayer mode also contain special bananas (ice banana, fire banana, magic banana and the TNT banana) that alter the game, there’s also a whole multiplayer mode as well.

The multiplayer mode is an asymmetric VR setup, with one player using a traditional PC and the other measuring items in VR. While details on the mode are scant beyond this, according to the Steam description it seems like the PC and VR player will be going up against each other in some capacity.

There’s also a training mode, but there’s not many details on that either, except that you will be able to learn all the game’s buttons and “have some fun with Joe, the Flying Banana.” We’re not too sure what that means, but we’re all for the chaotic energy that this game seems to exude.

Banana for Scale is available now via Steam for $11.99, with support for the Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Valve Index and Windows MR headsets.

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