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Bait! Treasure Hunters Update Heads To Shipwreck Shores Today On Quest

Bait! Treasure Hunters Update Heads To Shipwreck Shores Today On Quest

Bait!, the free-to-play fishing game from Resolution Games, takes you to the Shipwreck Shores with a free update on Quest.

Available now, this follows on from December's Fishin’ Buddies update, which introduced multiplayer fishing and the Casters' Cove hangout area for up to 12 players. Treasure Hunters takes us to Shipwreck Shores, a small island believed to be protected by a giant crab. Giving you a shovel, metal detector, or crowbar, you and your friends are tasked with uncovering high-value items across this island.

Elsewhere, Treasure Hunters also adds the “Daily Catch” activity, rewarding you with in-game currency for catching specific creatures. Here's the full update description:

Visit Shipwreck Shores, a small island off the coast of Bait! Island where many shipwrecks were discovered both on the beach and in the surf. Legend has it that a giant crab lives below the surface, protecting the island from intruders by attacking ships wandering too close, keeping the local crab population safe. Bring your friends to Shipwreck Shores for a Treasure Hunt! The objective is to find as many valuable items as possible before the time runs out.

Treasure Hunters arrives today as a free update, and Bait! is available now on the Meta Quest platform.

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