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Asgard's Wrath Followers Guide: Everything You Need To Know About Each Ally

Asgard's Wrath Followers Guide: Everything You Need To Know About Each Ally

One of our favorite parts of action RPG Asgard’s Wrath (read our full review here) is just how many animal followers there are to find and unlock.

Given that there are 10 in all, it might be overwhelming to choose which ones to spend your currency and crafting supplies leveling up. Each follower takes on a different role in combat, so we’ve put together a guide to help you understand what each of the followers can do.


Animal: Shark

Class: Brawler

Description: “A vicious brawler and bruiser. The unstoppable force of your team.”

Talent: Breach

Talent Description: “Point at a hanging corpse cage and Egil will leap onto it, acting as a counterweight.”

Fighting Style: Dual Swords

Combat Ability: Corkscrew

Combat Ability Description: “Lunges forward with spinning blades.” (Causes Bleed status ailment.)

Recruited at: Stormborn Beach (Midgard)


Animal: Turtle

Class: Defender

Description: “A defender, unshaking in the face of danger. Attacks bounce off her shield.”

Talent: Barrier

Talent Description: “Point at a fire trap and Hulda will raise her shield to block the flame.”

Fighting Style: Mace and Shield

Combat Ability: Provoke

Combat Ability Description: “Draws foes and heals the party before unleashing a shockwave.”

Recruited at: Stormborn Beach (Midgard)



Animal: Eagle

Class: Ranger

Description: “An adept ranger, enemies would find it easier to dodge the wind than her arrows.”

Talent: Wind Gust

Talent Description: “Point at a windmill and Astrid will generate a gust of wind to propel it.”

Fighting Style: Bow and Arrows

Combat Ability: Wing Flap

Combat Ability Description: “Ranged attack that knocks back foes.” (Causes Freeze status ailment.)

Recruited at: Borgarholt Fort (Midgard)


AsgardsWrath_SteinarAnimal: Bull

Class: Defender

Description: “An imposing presence. Like a volcano, his anger bubbles beneath the surface.”

Talent: Charge

Talent Description: “Point at a large block and Steinar will ram it headfirst, pushing it out of the way.”

Fighting Style: Hammer and Shield

Combat Ability: Gore

Combat Ability Description: “Rushes headfirst at targets, knocking them into the air.” (Causes Bleed status ailment.)

Recruited at: Midgard Highlands (Midgard)



Animal: Owl

Class: Ranger

Description: “A regal and observant marksman. Nothing escapes her notice or her bolts.”

Talent: Finder

Talent Description: “Point at a tuning fork and Sigrid will reveal hidden secrets.”

Fighting Style: Crossbow

Combat Ability: Rainfall

Combat Ability Description: “A rapid flurry of bolts.” (Causes Shock status ailment.)

Recruited at: Great Belfry (Midgard)



Animal: Bear

Class: Guardian

Description: “A fierce and tough protector. She gives no quarter until danger is cleared.”

Talent: Toss

Talent Description: “Point at a log and Bjornhild will use her immense strength to lift and carry it.”

Fighting Style: Bardiche

Combat Ability: Avalanche

Combat Ability Description: “Devastates enemies within range.” (Causes Freeze status ailment.)

Recruited at: Gjoll, River of the Dead (Niflheim)



Animal: Frog

Class: Lancer

Description: “A lithe lancer and avid follower. With him, victory is never out of reach.”

Talent: Lick

Talent Description: “Point at an item trapped behind bars and Siggi will use his tongue to retrieve it.”

Fighting Style: Spear and Shield

Combat Ability: Focused Strike

Combat Ability Description: “A powerful spear throw.” (Causes Poisoned status ailment.)

Recruited at: Gjoll, River of the Dead (Niflheim)



Animal: Crow

Class: Brawler

Description: “A sly assassin who strikes from the shadows. She can hide you in plain sight.”

Talent: Feather Cloak

Talent Description: “Point at an altar of skulls and Runa will reveal hidden threats.”

Fighting Style: Dual Scythes

Combat Ability: Assassinate

Combat Ability Description:”Unblockable strike with a chance to kill.” (Chance of causing Instant Kill.)

Recruited at: Skadi’s Island (Jotunheim)



Animal: Wolf

Class: Brawler

Description: “An obedient member of your pack. He fights tooth and claw on your command.”

Talent: Howl

Talent Description: “Point at dark crystals and Rolf will shatter them with a piercing howl.”

Fighting Style: Dual Battle-Axes

Combat Ability: Bite

Combat Ability Description: “Unblockable flurry of attacks.” (Causes Poisoned status ailment.)

Recruited at: The Old Keep (Niflheim)



Animal: Dragon

Class: Guardian

Description: “A guardian with a knightly bearing. His hide can withstand many attacks.”

Talent: Fire Starter

Talent Description: “Point at ironwood and Fafnir will unleash dragonfire to set it ablaze.”

Fighting Style: Greatsword

Combat Ability: Incinerate

Combat Ability Description: “Unleashes fire on its target.” (Causes Burning status ailment.)

Recruited at: Valley of the Jotnar (Jotunheim)

Asgard’s Wrath is now available on the Oculus Rift store for $40.

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