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Apple Developers Join The WebVR Community Group

Apple Developers Join The WebVR Community Group

We’ve written about how WebVR could be the future of virtual reality in the past, but it bears repeating. It’s kind of like magic. The technology functions much like the code that powers websites on the internet. Just like when you visit any website, like let’s say like UploadVR, you’re able to access it and view it regardless of device or browser. You could be on Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, on a PC, Mac, smartphone, or even a Nintendo Wii and you’re still gonna see the same website. It might display slightly differently, but it’s all there.

Now imagine that developers could create an experience that would have similar flexibility for VR by displaying experiences directly via those web browsers. That means regardless of if you have a Vive, Gear VR, Daydream, PSVR, Rift, or something else entirely, if it’s a WebVR app and you have internet access, then it will work. You can read more about WebVR and the mission here.

Today, Brandon Jones from Google (who is one of the chairs in the official WebVR Community Group,) noticed that developers from Apple have officially joined the group. With their inclusion this now means that every major web browser vendor (Apple = Safari for example) has input into WebVR’s development. In the Community Group there are 147 non-Chair participants as of the time of this writing.

From Apple there are now three members: long-time Multimedia and Software Standards representative Dave Singer, Senior Front-End Developer Brandel Zachernuk, and WebGL Spec Editor Dean Jackson. Notably Jones was quick to point out on Twitter that “group participation does not necessarily imply a commitment to implement” but it’s still a step in the right direction.

What do you think of this news and WebVR in general? Let us know your thoughts down in the comments below!

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