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Apple Vision Pro Will Soon Launch Outside The US In These 8 Countries

Apple Vision Pro Will Soon Launch Outside The US In These 8 Countries

Apple Vision Pro will soon launch outside the US.

Vision Pro is currently only sold in the US, where it launched on February 2 starting at $3500.

At its annual WWDC conference today Apple announced Vision Pro is coming to the UK, Canada, Germany, France, Australia, Japan, Singapore and China.

  • China, Japan, and Singapore will come first on June 28, with pre-orders opening this Thursday at 6pm PT.
  • The UK, Canada, Germany, France, and Australia will follow on July 12, with pre-orders opening on June 28 at 5am PT.

Apple hasn't yet revealed regional pricing or accessory availability.

Apple Vision Pro Review: A Heavy Portable Cinema & Monitor
At $3500, Apple sets huge expectations with Vision Pro. But does it deliver? And what’s it really like to own and use? Read our in-depth Apple Vision Pro hardware & software review here:

In our review of Apple Vision Pro we described it as "a heavy portable cinema & monitor with a promising spatial OS", strongly praising its displays and visionOS operating system while criticizing its vertical field of view and comfort.

The new countries Vision Pro is launching in, bar Singapore, have a lower GDP per capita than the US and all except China have a much lower population, so Apple may struggle to sell significant extra volume given the starting price. The company is reportedly working to bring a cheaper Vision headset to market as early as next year, though Bloomberg's Gurman recently reported Apple was "still flummoxed by how exactly to bring down the cost".

visionOS 2 Officially Announced For Apple Vision Pro
visionOS 2 introduces new features and multiple improvements across the operating system.

At WWDC today Apple also announced visionOS 2, the next version of Vision Pro's spatial operating system with new features and multiple improvements.

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