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Apple Vision Pro Model Reportedly Spotted With 1TB Storage

Apple Vision Pro Model Reportedly Spotted With 1TB Storage

An Apple Vision Pro model was reportedly spotted with 1TB storage.

French tech news website iPhoneSoft reports that a source who tried Vision Pro at one of Apple's public developer labs saw the 1TB figure listed as the storage in the device's Settings app.

Apple hasn't yet officially announced Vision Pro's storage options, though the company saying the headset will "start at" $3500 strongly suggests multiple storage tiers will be available, as with iPhone, iPad, and Mac.

Apple Vision Pro Full Specs, Features & Details
Read the full specs, features, and details of Apple Vision Pro here:

The 1TB model would offer four times the storage of Meta's current highest storage options, the 256GB Quest 2 model and Quest Pro, and ByteDance's 256GB Pico 4 model. The China-only Pico 4 Pro has 512GB of storage.

HTC's business-focused Vive Focus 3 has 128GB onboard storage, but has a microSD slot supporting up to 2TB cards. Its newer Vive XR Elite has only the 128GB onboard and doesn't have a microSD slot.

Meta has said it will sell a higher storage Quest 3 model in addition to the $500 128GB base model, but hasn't yet said how much storage that higher model will have.

Headset Storage Options
Oculus Quest 64GB
Quest 2 64GB (until mid 2021)
128GB (from mid 2021)
Vive Focus 3 128GB + microSD slot
Pico 4 128GB
Pico 4 Pro (China-only) 512GB
Quest Pro 256GB
Vive XR Elite 128GB
Quest 3 128GB
Apple Vision Pro 1TB
(others unknown)

More storage enables apps and games to use higher quality textures, audio, and other assets. At 41GB, Medal of Honor VR took up so much space it barely fit on the no longer sold 64GB Quest 2 model, and Asgard's Wrath 2 is set to take 26GB when it releases later this year.

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