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Apex Construct Getting New Content, Boxed Edition

Apex Construct Getting New Content, Boxed Edition

Haven’t picked up Fast Travel Games’ Apex Construct, yet? You’ve got two more reasons to do so right now.

Fast Travel recently confirmed that its debut game will soon be getting new content. PR & Marketing Manager Andreas Juliusson confirmed as much over on Reddit, though didn’t go into specifics of what this new content would actually consist of. He did, however, confirm that it would be entirely free and should launch around June.

Also launching that month is a boxed edition of the game on PSVR. Until now, you could only grab Apex Construct over on the PlayStation Store but, thanks to a partnership with Perp Games, you’ll soon be able to get it on disc too. That’s just for the console version, though; the PC edition will remain digital.

If you haven’t heard of Apex Construct, it’s well worth checking out. The game offers a full single-player adventure in which players explore a post-apocalyptic world dominated by an AI construct known as Mothr. Armed with a bow and arrow, you team up with another figure known as Fathr to free the world from Mothr’s grasp. Though far from perfect, the game offers a lot of what VR fans have been asking for; we gave it 7/10 on PSVR and 8/10 on PC.

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