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Apex Construct Gets A New Mode, Improved Locomotion In Fresh Update

Apex Construct Gets A New Mode, Improved Locomotion In Fresh Update

It may be approaching a year on sale, but Fast Travel Games’ Apex Construct continues to get updated with plenty of new content. Today’s release is perhaps its biggest yet.

Fast Travel just launched the ‘Cygnia Cup Challenge’ for all versions of the first-person adventure. Existing outside of the game’s main campaign, this is a point-scoring mode in which players need to hone their skills and dispatch enemies and targets as quickly and efficiently as possible for a chance to top the leaderboards and earn currency that can upgrade your items in the campaign. The action unfolds in a new arena environment with six different locations.

But that’s not all that’s new with this update; Fast Travel is also making some adjustments to the game’s locomotion options. Specific changes weren’t detailed but a press release states: “Whether you use Free Locomotion or Teleportation as your primary way to navigate the shattered world, you will now have a much more seamless experience when playing Apex Construct.”

We’re quite fond of Apex Construct, recently placing it in our list of the best games on the HTC Vive. “It’s a rare chance to jump into an expansive journey and become a part of an engrossing world, warts and all,” we said in our review. “It proves that VR developers can now deliver the adventures we dreamed of having when we first picked up our headsets.”

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