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Amazon Prime Day Oculus Quest Deals: Headsets For UK, Accessories For US

Amazon Prime Day Oculus Quest Deals: Headsets For UK, Accessories For US

Here’s the best Amazon Prime Day Oculus Quest deals you’ll find this year.

It’s Amazon Prime Day or, rather, Days. From now until the end of Tuesday the mega retailer is slashing prices on a bunch of items across its entire stock. That includes a small but notable number of Oculus Quest deals.

Or at least it does in the UK. There you can get some small savings on headsets and accessories, whereas in the US it’s just the latter that’s getting any attention this year.

256GB Oculus Quest 2 And Official Carrying Case – UK Deal (£399.99)

This is one we’ve seen in the UK before but it’s back for Prime Day. If you buy the more expensive of the two Quest models today (which offers four times as much space as the £299.99 64GB model), you can get Facebook’s official Carrying Case thrown in for free. Usually that’d set you back another £50 or so, though it’s also thrown in with the Elite Battery Strap.

64GB Oculus Quest 2 – UK Deal (£279.99)

Look, it’s not much, but in fairness the Quest 2 is already pretty affordable at £299.99. Shaving £20 off the price isn’t going to make the largest different but, hey, it’s the price of most games on the platform, so look at it as sort of getting one of those for free, right?

Various Oculus Quest 2 Accessories – US Deal

Unfortunately pickings are pretty slim over in the US. There aren’t any major headset deals to mention but there are a heck of a lot of accessories of the unofficial variety. 3D-printed head straps, lengthy Link cables, grips for controllers, take your pick. They’re all in the $5 – $10 off category and, while we can’t speak to the quality of any of these products, you might find something worth picking up.

And that’s pretty much it for Amazon Prime Day Oculus Quest deals. Not an especially strong year but then, with Quest 2 doing so well, that’s not exactly surprising is it? Will you be picking anything up? Let us know in the comments below!

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