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Watch: 7-Minutes Of Alvo VR Gameplay On PSVR With Aim Controller, Coming This April

Watch: 7-Minutes Of Alvo VR Gameplay On PSVR With Aim Controller, Coming This April

Alvo is a military-themed fast-paced competitive VR shooter coming first to PSVR next month, followed by Quest and PC VR after that. Currently it’s aiming to release on PSVR on April 12 after months of beta testing, but the date could shift slightly depending on approvals from Sony.

Alvo VR Gameplay

From what we’ve seen Alvo looks comparable to the likes of Pavlov and Contractors in that it’s much faster pace than something like Onward or Firewall Zero Hour. Movement flexibility is a big part of Alvo, which is why everyone will be able to jump and slide just like you can in non-VR games like Call of Duty. However, of those four games listed only Firewall Zero Hour is on PSVR so there’s far less FPS competition compared to other VR platforms.

In the new footage above (provided by the developers) there’s about five minutes of Search & Destroy gameplay from the point-of-view of someone playing on PSVR using the Aim Controller and then the rest of the video is someone on Rift showing PC VR footage. Briefly, you’ll see the camera fly around in spectator mode, which will be a PC VR-exclusive features to help with esports broadcasting—similar to the spectator cameras in games like Echo Arena and Onward.

The PC VR and Quest versions should be coming this year as well, but they don’t have dates yet. For Quest, they’ve already done a lot of the optimization across the maps to get it ready. It’s worth noting that the Quest edition will be sideloaded on SideQuest (and eventually App Lab) at first if full Store approval isn’t granted. But hopefully being on PSVR will already mean the game is in good enough shape for the main Store.

In a Discord conversation one of the developers told me that they were targeting April 12th as the launch date on PSVR, but it could shift depending on some factors and timing.  There will be full cross-play between all three platforms when the time comes.

For more on Alvo, check out the game’s Discord server, YouTube channel, and Twitter to stay up-to-date.

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