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After The Fall Update Brings New Weapons, Free-For-All Mode & New PvP Map

After The Fall Update Brings New Weapons, Free-For-All Mode & New PvP Map

The latest update for co-op FPS game After the Fall is available now, adding new weapons, maps and modes.

This update, titled Shock & Awe, is the latest in a series of content drops as part of the game’s ongoing Frontrunner Season. Available on Quest 2, PSVR and PC VR, it adds four new weapons – the Shockwave Power device, the Rage Booster, the Warhead and a tommy gun, unlockable via floppy disks.

Shock & Awe also features the launch of a new free-for-all mode, bolstering the game’s PvP offerings. There’s a new PvP map as well, Stockpile, which is a “repurposed warehouse that’s all about close-quarter combat and lightning fast respawns with items … scattered throughout the map.”

If you want a closer look at the new weapons, Stockpile map and PvP mode, you can check out some footage in the trailer embedded above.

So far, the Frontrunner season has included a new horde mode, a new enemy type, new maps and lots of new weapons. With this drop, the season’s updates are complete. The big question now is what will be included in the game’s second season, and if Vertigo Games will provide it for free or at cost.

After the Fall released late last year for Quest 2, PSVR and PC VR, with a release on the original Quest still in the works. We were quite impressed with the game, but felt it needed more content at the time of launch. So far, we’ve found the Frontrunner additions to be a step in the right direction — you can read more of our impressions here.

The Shock & Awe update is available now for After the Fall on all platforms.

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