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After The Fall To Receive Four New Maps, Horde Mode & More

After The Fall To Receive Four New Maps, Horde Mode & More

After the Fall is getting a bunch of new content as part of the upcoming Frontrunner season, including four new maps, a horde mode, new weapons and a new enemy.

A new post on the PlayStation blog confirmed the news, outlining plans for new content that the After the Fall Twitter account says “on schedule” to begin rolling out this month.

The Frontrunner season, available to all players and platforms as part of the standard Launch Edition of the game, will include four new maps: Boulevard Harvest Run, Stockpile, Junction and Highway.

The first map, Boulevard Harvest Run, is set on the streets of Hollywood and will be available in all existing difficult modes. The second, Stockpile, is a PvP map that will join the existing Team Deathmatch rotation, alongside a new free-for-all PvP mode that arrives this season as well.

The third and fourth maps, Junction and Highway, are designed to go with the brand new Horde mode launching during the Frontrunner season. Here’s a brief description of what to expect:

In this mode, up to four Harvest Runners will deploy to a contained area with multiple lanes where Snowbreed come running down from all sides, all the while you survive for as long as you can! We will introduce game mode as an endless horde mode, and with new variations coming in the future. Unlike the Tundradome PvP arenas, you will be able to bring your best weapons to survive the incoming Snowbreed hordes and reap the rewards.

This season will also see the addition of a new enemy type – the Skimmer. This enemy works a bit differently – they won’t come after you, but you’ll have to go and hunt them down yourself. If you do so, you’ll be rewarded generously with a large bounty.

There are also two new weapons being introduced this season – the first is a new revolver (which “hits hard” but comes with a magazine count trade-off) and the second has yet to be revealed.

We’ll certainly welcome more content for the game, which we gave a ‘Good’ label last year. “After The Fall is painfully close to being VR’s staple co-op shooter, but Vertigo will need to prove out the next few months with a solid roadmap if it’s to reach that bar,” we said. “Its mindless brand of action isn’t half as intricate as other recent VR games and anyone that doesn’t enjoy the grind of a looter shooter should steer clear, but it’s undeniably fun to play with friends and the lure of new weapon attachments kept me coming back for Harvest Runs.”

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