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After The Fall Update Adds Horde Mode & More, Available Now

After The Fall Update Adds Horde Mode & More, Available Now

Horde mode is available now for After The Fall players, with a new update rolling out across all platforms.

We got our first look at horde mode late last month, and now it’s available to all players alongside other new features and some bug fixes in the latest patch.

This update is first of several new content drops as part of the Frontrunner Season, with updates set to land across the next two months for all players.

According to the patch notes, there’s no friendly bots in horde mode, custom loadouts are enabled and rewards are granted every 5 waves, increasing in rarity over time.

You’ll also unlock the blueprint for the new Revolver weapon after completing six waves in horde mode, which can then be purchased for 5,000 Harvest at the Armory.

The patch also includes changes to floppies, skins and items. Some balance changes have been put through as well, changing damage and ammo capacity to select weapons, as well as a handful of general small changes and bug fixes. You can read the full list of changes here.

The developers also noted that they are still investigating ongoing freezes on Quest 2 and working “non-stop” on a solution.

The Frontrunner Season will continue later this month with a new Harvest Run set in Hollywood, along with new enemy types and weapons. A new PvP map is also expected this month, alongside a free-for-all mode. The season wraps up with a new wrist-mounted power device in April. You can read more about the Frontrunner Season here.

Will you be checking out horde mode in After the Fall? Let us know what you think in the comments.

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