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AEXLAB Hosts Tournament For VAIL VR With LAN Finals Held in Miami

AEXLAB Hosts Tournament For VAIL VR With LAN Finals Held in Miami

AEXLAB recently held a major tournament for their new competitive VR game VAIL VR. The event ran for six weeks, with over 200 teams battling it out online to secure their spot in the LAN Finals held in Miami. Superblue Miami, an illustrious digital art gallery, partnered with the event to allow attendees to enjoy a full day of activities, with all the live matches showcased alongside several world-renowned artists’ work.

With the official esports league launch in 2023, AEXLAB wanted to bring together the top creators, players, and brands in the VR community under one roof to foster a new era of gaming events. It is planned to be a continued annual event hosted across different cities worldwide to showcase the exciting world of competitive VR. For more updates and announcements on the upcoming season, join the IVRL – VAIL Discord. More on the previous season is available at 

The event saw esports leaders and respected VR brands come together to share an event of competitive VR gaming with both a tournament and convention-style atmosphere. Activations from brands such as Smash Drums, Redpill, bHaptics, and many more were in attendance, allowing people to interact with esteemed VR brands. Entertainment was also provided thanks to the DJ and Youtuber, Thrillseeker, who played a set during the halftime show.

The event was made possible by a partnership with the International Virtual Reality League (IVRL) and is the beginning of future seasons of VR’s first gaming federation centered around live events, teams, and players. Working with such esteemed brands allowed the event to run smoothly and enabled high-quality broadcasting. In addition, new features were built around spectator modes to highlight the gameplay better for viewers while adding improvements to the UI. LIV was also a big part of the MIAMI VAIL MAJOR as their tools allowed for optimized streaming outputs, allowing spectators to feel more involved in the experience. Players later utilized the content created with their tools to grow their brands and push VR as a competitive platform.

IVRL sees teams and players as partners in a journey to grow VR esports together. Through this attitude and togetherness, VR esports is snowballing in the gaming community amongst competitive gamers. The projection is that VR esports will expand globally within the next decade, so players from anywhere can showcase their talents in competitive VR, with VAIL right at the forefront. VR esports has the potential to surpass traditional competitive gaming, as the drama and immersion are much higher due to a combination of physical movements and complex technical skills. This combination can make mastery mean something quite different compared with mouse and keyboard input.

IVRL encourages all players to “Play VAIL, start a team, get active with your friends and start preparing for the next season coming Q1 of 2023”. VAIL VR is still in early access, you should expect frequent updates and additions to be made throughout the holiday season. To know more about AEXLAB’s push towards VR esports, check out this video with the studio’s CTO explaining what VAIL is doing for the esports community.

For more from AEXLAB, visit their link tree, the VAIL VR Discord, or the IVRL Discord.

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