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Acer, Lenovo Mixed Reality Headsets Discounted To Just $199

Acer, Lenovo Mixed Reality Headsets Discounted To Just $199

Microsoft’s new Windows-based ‘Mixed Reality’ VR headsets may be less than two months old but you can already save a massive $200 by picking one up this week.

Over in the US the Microsoft Store is hosting a sale on the five headsets that have launched for its new platform thus far. The cheapest devices from Acer and Lenovo, both of which launched at $399, are now just $199. That’s with the controllers too, so you’ll have almost everything you need to jump into VR just short of a PC to run the headset. That’s the expensive bit, sadly.

We reviewed both the Acer and Lenovo headsets. They offer solid VR experiences with inside-out tracking, meaning you don’t need any external trackers to read your position. There’s not really much in it between which of the two you should pick, though neither stands up to more expensive systems like the Oculus Rift or HTC Vive.

HP’s headset, meanwhile, is down to $249 (another $200 off) while easily the best of the bunch, Samsung’s Odyssey, has had $50 slashed off, bringing it to $449. These deals are only set to last through the day, though Dell’s headset is currently out of stock so it might be a good idea to grab one while you can.

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