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A Year On: Why Now Is The Best Time To Join After The Fall

A Year On: Why Now Is The Best Time To Join After The Fall

Over the last year After The Fall has seen players grouping up in teams of up to 4 slaying hundreds of undead monstrosities and having a blast in its detailed and gruesome world. The snowbreed have become more ferocious since release though, and Vertigo Games continued to support the game with a series of updates and additions to keep the experience fresh, giving players more content to shoot their way through.

If you’re new to After The Fall VR, it’s a game from the creators of VR classic Arizona Sunshine that can be played solo or co-op is an intense VR FPS action game. Set in an alternate 1980s-inspired LA, the world has been overcome by undead in an apocalyptic snowstorm facing players with the snowbreed, an evil that must be conquered by you and up to 3 of your friends. 

An assortment of weapons is up for grabs when you, the harvest runner, must go deep into snowbreed territory and loot supplies for the group at The Line. Succeed and you will find your arsenal improving with each step into the unknown and soon you will find rocket launchers, shotguns, rifles and even electric knuckledusters!

Since its December 2021 launch, Vertigo has updated After The Fall with regular new content that means both returning players and newcomers have plenty to sink their teeth into. Firstly, the Frontrunner season update brought along a Horde mode for 4-player cooperative play and saw players survive waves of enemies to retrieve rewards that are granted every 5 rounds. The Frontrunner Season update also had the Highway and Junction Horde mode maps and a new powerful revolver weapon to fulfill your gunslinging fantasies.

The updates continued in September 2022 with the release of Reclamation Season, where Vertigo Games added a new Harvest map, Downtown, and Horde Map, Mall , an expanded arsenal and modes and a host of gameplay updates and improvements. Notably, all the updates are free!

This update also brought some deadly new threats in the form of juggernaut variants Gunner and Chargers. Runners will be tested in new ways with these ferocious new breeds and will encourage players to work together to fend off these new enemies. Moreover, there are now mutators for each run that make every mission feel completely fresh and force runners to adapt as a team to the different effects of the mutators. 

Thankfully, with the addition of new threats also comes some fun new boosts for runners. Firstly, an auto-shotgun and a new wrist sawblade device makes for some extremely satisfying ways to dispose of snowbreed. More importantly though, runners now are able to have perks in the form of chipsets. These chipsets will work with your weapons and give some customization to your playstyle, and can only be earned in Mutator runs, which change up the existing Harvest maps with extra challenging modifiers.

With a PSVR 2 version of the game due to launch on February 22nd, After The Fall will also be receiving two further maps in the form of the Hospital and the Subway Harvest maps. These free additions will join other changes Vertigo plans to detail closer to release.

After The Fall is an action heavy VR experience and with a year of content now under its belt, there are more snowbreed than ever before and The Line needs your help to clear them out. With crossplay also available and with a PSVR 2 launch on the horizon, it doesn’t matter how you choose to play. Just find a team and blast away some undead.

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