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Star Trek: Bridge Crew -- 12 Minutes Of Starship Enterprise Gameplay

Star Trek: Bridge Crew -- 12 Minutes Of Starship Enterprise Gameplay

With a recent play session at Ubisoft, Star Trek: Bridge Crew warped to the top of our list of most anticipated VR games.

Last week we offered an in-depth hands-on look at the game, which gives four-player teams a chance to operate a starship from either the new post-J.J. Abrams movies or The Original Series. Since then we’ve heard from countless fans expressing a variety of opinions ranging from the hope this game sells 1 million copies to become the fastest selling VR title yet, to concern it doesn’t necessarily fit with the exploratory mission of Star Trek’s Federation.

I think all Trek fans should find themselves pretty excited by the prospect of crewing a Star Trek ship even if the game is largely a tactical simulator letting you save helpless ships and fight off aggressors on the bridge of either The Enterprise from The Original Series or the Aegis from the new movies. Coming from a die-hard Trek fan, to put it bluntly if you want more Star Trek VR this is going to be the game you want to support even if it doesn’t have the elements yet you’d wished were in it. I, for one, would give anything for an LCARS dashboard and voice commands to operate a Next Generation-era ship. Nevertheless, I will find myself embarking on hours of missions when the game debuts teaming up with games editor David Jagneaux.

Our latest look at the game offers 12 minutes of footage showing how the team works together on the bridge of the original Enterprise. The game is set for release on May 30 for PlayStation VR, HTC Vive and Oculus Rift with cross-play support planned.

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