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10 Amazing 'Power Trip' VR Games That Make You Feel Like A Badass

10 Amazing 'Power Trip' VR Games That Make You Feel Like A Badass

Life is hard. Sometimes things are completely out of your control and you just need a release. For these times it’s important to find a game that puts you in control, one that turns you into a superhero, or an action movie star. Something that takes who you are and just ramps it up, lets you live out your wildest dreams and just take some fools apart. Well, this is exactly what these VR games do.

In one way or another they turn you into something completely inhuman, the star of your very own film. So, suit up, put on your VR headset, and get ready to let loose as a true badass.

Superhot (Our Review)

Superhot is as much a puzzle game as it is a shooter. Time only moves when you do. This means that if a bullet is flying at you then you have time to figure out what to do. Want to know the coolest possible answer to a bullet flying at your face? Cut it in half with a knife then throw the knife at the guy who shot at you. But wait, what if you caught his gun and shot the guy aiming a shotgun at you? Superhot has a great story, a wonderful art style, and is quite simply one of the best games to play if you just need to mess something up.

Robo Recall (Our Review)

Pretty much the only thing cooler than cutting a bullet in half is catching it and throwing it back at the person who shot you. Robo Recall has its own version of time slowing down, mostly when you’re moving though. This allows you to teleport next to an enemy in order to deal with them and then take your time deciding how. The guns themselves feel fantastic to use; each one re-materializes in its holster instead of reloading, so you just throw the empty one at an enemy. The best bit though, you can actually just grab enemies. You can pull apart the robots piece by piece, or you can use them as a shield against a hail of gunfire.

Blade and Sorcery (Impressions)

Imagine, if you will, a world where you are an all-powerful wizard warrior. Not only can you shoot lightning out of your hands, frying anyone in your path on the spot, but you are an accomplished swordsman too. But wait, there’s more, you can use your mind to wield these weapons at a distance. Blade and Sorcery turns you into a spell-casting weapon-wielding badass. You can throw a dagger at an enemy, call it back to you using your mind, then hack away at someone else as it passes them. You can holster four weapons at once as well as picking up others as you go, you just become a medieval war machine and it’s great.

Beat Saber (Our Review)

I’m pretty sure everyone has heard of Beat Saber at this point. It would not be an exaggeration to say that it’s the killer app for VR. The must-play, the system seller. In it you wield two lightsabers and have to slash at the incoming blocks in order to keep the song going. This isn’t a power fantasy like the others, I don’t think anyone has ever dreamed of doing this. Nevertheless, managing to 100% a song hits some weird primal score-achieving urge that so many of us have. The fact that you can play so many different songs just makes the experience all the more exhilarating. Put simply, the rush that Beat Saber gives you is hard to beat.

Gorn (Impressions)

Sometimes you just want to hit things really hard and have a comically large impact when you do. Gorn is a game all about cavemen smashing the heads, arms, and pretty much anything else off of each other. Gorn is the most violent game on this list, but it is also the most comically over-the-top. Each battle starts off with you trying to be tactical and quickly descends into you flailing your arms around like Elmo. There are a huge variety of weapons and you can even just use your fists if you want to. It satisfies the Neanderthal in all of us.

Sairento (Our Review)

As kids many of us argued over whether it was cooler to be pirates or ninjas. People who argued that pirates were cooler got Sea of Thieves. Those of us who were right – and this isn’t an argument – got Sairento VR. Sairento VR puts you in the shoes of a ninja in a cyberpunk future, it gives you wall-running, acrobatics, and a huge array of weapons. You can deflect bullets with a katana in one hand while shooting a pistol in the other. It turns you into a tornado of destruction in a balletic display of power that would make Neo jealous. Just go play it. PS: Ninjas rule, pirates drool.

The Unspoken (Our Review)

Harry Potter is great and all but what if it was full of a bit more grit? The Unspoken gives you all the power of a wizard, with none of the worry of a wand. With a simple flick of your wrist you can unleash magical destruction upon any that stand in your way. The controls are so simple that it all becomes second nature as you slip into this gothic world and either fight off demons or duel with a fellow mage. It looks great, feels great, and even has multiple classes to try out. You’ll find the one that suits you and then you can get to the thing we are all here for: feeling like an absolute boss.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim VR (PC Review, PSVR Review)

So, hear me out, Skyrim, but in VR. That means you can swing a sword around, fire out shards of ice, shout really loud at things, and just generally become a god-like being. The thing that changes Skyrim in VR is the sense of scale. Not a dragon pun. At least not on purpose. A simple spider is suddenly the same size as you, you don’t get that feeling playing the game normally. Only in VR do you truly become the Dragonborn, only here can you really play the part and become the strongest in this world. Plus, who doesn’t love shouting so loud it knocks other stuff back?

Windlands 2 (Our Review)

Sometimes you just need to move, to feel like you could really escape anything that is bothering you. Walking is fine, running is hard, flying would be nice, but there is something about swinging around like Spider-Man that just feels better. Windlands 2 lets you live out this fantasy, in a beautiful world filled with strange fauna you can swing through the giant alien trees. You can almost feel the wind rushing past you as you swing around. You can always just let yourself fall only to catch yourself at the last moment. The attacks are awesome too, you bring your hands together and a bow materializes out of nothing. The whole thing just has a brilliant sense of wonder, a lovely bit of escapism.

Megaton Rainfall (Our Review)

Being so overpowered that you can accidentally take down a city block is a weird fantasy, one tinged with worry. Nevertheless, Megaton Rainfall turns you into exactly this, one so powerful that a single distraction can level buildings in an instant. You can fly fast enough to break the sound barrier, rise up into the atmosphere, crash through your enemies and even shout bolts of energy at them. It’s the closest you can come to being Superman in VR, and even if you think he is a boring hero, becoming him is an entirely different experience.

What are some of your favorite picks for VR games that make you feel a total badass? Let us know down in the comments below!

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