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OC6: Zuckerberg Teases Oasis-Like Social VR Announcement

OC6: Zuckerberg Teases Oasis-Like Social VR Announcement

T’was the morning before OC6 and all through the metaverse, Mark Zuckerberg was dropping hints about his keynote talk.

A short while ago, we reported on what looked like a tease from the Facebook CEO about finger tracking. Now, though, Zuckerberg might be hinting at a possible social VR experience comparable to Ready Player One’s online metaverse, the Oasis.

Replying to his teaser video, one fan said they were “waiting for an RPG using Oculus, like Oasis.”

To that, Zuckerberg simply replied: “You might enjoy tomorrow’s announcements.” Oh you tease.

Zuckerberg Teases VR

What exactly could Zuckerberg be teasing here? In Ready Player One, the Oasis is an all-encompassing virtual metaverse that allows anyone to be whoever they want and do whatever they want. It’s so good that humanity basically loses itself inside the new world. We don’t think VR is quite ready for something of that scale, but this tease could be taking the first steps towards something like that.

We’ve written in the past about how confusing Facebook’s scattered social VR policy has been. Facebook Spaces appears to be all but forgotten about, Oculus Rooms never left Gear VR and Go, and Oculus Quest still doesn’t have its own social VR experience powered by Facebook.

Could we perhaps see Facebook announced a definitive social destination across Oculus Rift and Quest? If so, could this perhaps be the first to integrate to finger tracking teased earlier today? Maybe we’re just getting carried away, but it’s an exciting thought.

We’ll have to watch along with the keynote to find out.

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