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XREAL Shares First Zero Caliber Quest Gameplay

XREAL Shares First Zero Caliber Quest Gameplay

Our first look at VR shooter Zero Caliber running on Oculus Quest is here.

Developer XREAL shared some footage of the game on Reddit this week. It’s only a short gameplay clip, but it shows the customizable gun system up and running on the standalone headset, allowing players to add attachments to weapons on the fly. At the end there’s a tease of one of the campaign missions, with the player fighting their way through a warehouse.

New Zero Caliber Quest Gameplay Revealed

Customize your favourite gun – Zero Caliber: Reloaded from r/OculusQuest

In the comments, XREAL confirmed that this was still work-in-progress footage from the Quest 1 version of the game. Still, it looks pretty good at this stage.

Zero Caliber is coming to Quest as a retooled title named Zero Caliber: Reloaded. While the game features similar levels to the original game on PC VR headsets, it’s also been reworked to fit on the Quest platform. That means no cross-play with PC, but Quest owners will have their own four-player co-op mode to tackle.

Zero Caliber: Reloaded is due for release on Quest sometime in Q2 (April – June) of this year. Elsewhere, XREAL is still working on the PSVR port of the game and also plans to add PvP content to the PC VR version, though that may be some ways off. Finally, the studio is also developing a brand-new four-player co-op shooter named Gambit.

Are you going to be picking up Zero Caliber on Quest? Let us know in the comment below!

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