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Zero Caliber Looks Like A Polished Tactical VR Shooter With Co-Op

Zero Caliber Looks Like A Polished Tactical VR Shooter With Co-Op

There’s more than enough VR shooters to go around these days, but VR shooters that actually look and play like something you’d expect from a 2018 videogame are a little harder to come by. Zero Caliber looks to be one such game, though.

This new tactical shooter from A-Tech Cybernetic developer XREAL Games is set to arrive in Early Access on September 13th. As you can see from the trailer below, the game looks pretty solid from both a visuals and gameplay perspective.

Zero Caliber is set in a near-future United States in which drinkable water is in short supply and people fight for control of it. You play as a soldier trying to maintain order in an escalating war of mercenaries. The game’s set to offer a full campaign with co-op support in which you use highly customizable weapons to fight off enemies. You’ll need to master reloading techniques for each individual weapon, pull the pin on grenades, and physically duck behind cover.

It sounds very promising, then, let’s just hope it can deliver. The first release for Zero Caliber will include the first half of the game’s campaign complete with co-op support. As Early Access progresses, XREAL plans to add the second half of the story along with more weapons and additional missions designed specifically for co-op play. The developer plans to launch the full game in early 2019, though specific headsets haven’t been confirmed yet.

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