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Oculus Quest, PSVR & PC VR MMO Zenith Reveals Cooking Mechanics In New Video

Oculus Quest, PSVR & PC VR MMO Zenith Reveals Cooking Mechanics In New Video

We’ve got a quick new look at upcoming VR MMO, Zenith, this time showing the game’s cooking mechanics.

Developer Ramen VR posted a look at cooking in action on Reddit this week. The short clip reveals a pretty active system, with players chopping ingredients, putting them in frying pans and then making sure not to burn them before stashing them in their inventory. Check it out below.

In one post, developer elliotttate explained that “cooking is just one tiny aspect of [the game], like cooking is in Zelda BOTW. Cooking food from ingredients that you gather in the world while playing gives you buffs that can temporarily increase your health, abilities, etc.”

We’ve seen other elements of Zenith too, like melee combat and gliding, which gives us a lot of hope for the VR MMO’s chances. We’re still waiting on a truly great VR-exclusive MMO for play in headsets.

We’re also still waiting for an update on Zenith’s roadmap as we head into 2022. Ramen had originally suggested the game would come to Oculus Quest, PSVR and PC VR in 2021 but, with the year drawing to a close, it doesn’t look like that’s going to happen. In September we reported that Ramen VR had raised a further $10 million in a series A round of funding to work on the project.

Are you looking forward to Zenith? Let us know in the comments below!

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