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Zenith Plans For 3+ Classes, Better Dungeons And User-Generated Content In Long-Term Future

Zenith Plans For 3+ Classes, Better Dungeons And User-Generated Content In Long-Term Future

Following what looks to have been a very successful launch, Zenith developer Ramen VR has teased big plans for the VR MMO.

In a Q&A session hosted on Reddit last week the company provided just a few hints for the long-term roadmap for the game. Zenith’s current release is technically in early access; it’s marked as such on Steam but not on Quest or PSVR, which don’t label titles as pre-release. With that in mind, co-founder Andy Tsen shared some details about where the game might head next.

New Classes

Firstly, Tsen replied to a comment asking if there were plans for more classes. Currently, Zenith has two main classes allowing you to wield swords or projectiles, with three job roles to define how you level up. Tsen revealed that the team has plans to add more classes in the future, though, resulting in more than three choices. “We absolutely have plans to add additional classes overtime — beyond 3,” he said.

In the same reply he also confirmed there will be Character Customization updates, allowing you to better define your avatar.

Better Dungeons

Tsen also touched on the possibility of creating better dungeon content that’s unique to the game. “Internally our design goal is to build something that feels completely different from dungeon content in other games — this is a hard goal but we’ll do our best,” he said. “It’s part of the reason we didn’t release with instanced dungeons at launch (we actually had 3 dungeons fully complete, but we felt like it didn’t live up to our standards so we’re going to go back to the drawing board and make them better.)”

Ramen also hopes to add environmental aspects to battles and exploration in the future.

Replayability And User-Generated Content

Finally, Tsen provided a look into how Ramen hopes to evolve Zenith’s content in the months and years to come. New zones, dungeons, bosses and systems will be key to expanding the game, but Tsen was also cautious about how they’re implemented.

“We don’t want to become a content treadmill though,” he said, “because that makes it progressively harder for newbies to get into the game as endgame gets further and further away so we also want to introduce systems that give more replayablility, things like additional crafting systems, PVP, housing, Rogue-Lite, a player economy, a stronger emphasis on the social aspects of the game could all add together to make the end game last a lot longer.”

He also mentioned that the Ramen team sees user-generated content playing “a big component” in the game’s future, but there were no further details on how they might look.

We’re still journey deep into the core of Zenith to deliver our final impressions soon. Until then, you can check out our review-in-progress for our current thoughts on the game.

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