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First In-Game Glimpse Of Beat Saber-Inspired VR MMO Zenith Arrives

First In-Game Glimpse Of Beat Saber-Inspired VR MMO Zenith Arrives

Earlier this week we reported on the reveal of a new VR MMO named Zenith. Developer Ramen VR promised a curious mix of anime inspiration and Beat Saber-style gameplay that’s tough to picture. It didn’t help that the announcement only offered concept art. Well now we’ve got out first in-game glimpse of the title, though blink and you might miss it.

Ramen VR recently posted a super-quick look at Zenith on Reddit. All we see is a little look at the game world, which promises a Blade Runner-style metropolis with people walking around with huge swords in their hands. That sure sounds like anime!

Meanwhile in the Reddit thread, the studio provided a brief update on the game’s status. The team said it had “prototyped two of the core classes (a spellcaster and melee class), and feel reasonably confident they will be fun to play. We’ve also locked in on using SpatialOS and have a technical prototype working on that platform. We’ve also nailed down the visual style for our world. We are going to start to run closed playtests this week to test out some of the core mechanics for the first class.”

Ramen VR also says that an Early Access version of the game should be arriving sometime before July 2020. It’s intended to launch with a one-time charge though, again, the studio says that might change. Ramen VR does, however, claim that the game will “never” be pay to win. That’d be great to hear if only we knew what we were not paying to win.

Zenith is aiming for release on Rift, Vive, Index, PSVR and Quest.

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