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Cyberpunk VR MMO Zenith Launches And Passes Kickstarter In No Time

Cyberpunk VR MMO Zenith Launches And Passes Kickstarter In No Time

People sure do want a VR MMO; Zenith found success on Kickstarter in no time.

We’ve been following this cyberpunk MMO, developed by Ramen VR, for the past few months. Yesterday, it launched its Kickstarter with a modest $25,000 goal. At the time of writing it’s more than doubled that with $54,525 pledged from 453 backers. The campaign has another 44 days to do, so expect the total go be far higher than that by the end.

The team is making some lofty promises for the game. CEO Andy Tsen says it will eventually support ‘millions’ of players.

“We fundamentally believe that the more money we can raise from people that will actually play the game, the more we can stay true to the artistic vision,” he says in the campaign video. The clip also shows much more footage from the game, which boasts a vibrant anime art style. It’s come some way in the past two months, but it remains to be seen how the Beat Saber-inspired combat will shape up.

Interested in taking part? A $29 pledge will get you day-one access to Zenith, expected in August 2020. A limited $35 tier, meanwhile, will net you access to closed alpha testing. Tiers go all the way up to an eye-watering $9,999, which offers a day building the game at the studio and a chance to appear in the game as an avatar among other things.

With the main goal down, the developer is moving onto stretch goals. In fact, it’s already passed targets for adding familiars and player vendor stalls to the game. Next up is a $100,000 tier for player housing.

Zenith is aiming to launch on Oculus Rift and SteamVR compatible headsets. A PSVR version is in the works too. The game will also feature a non-VR version.

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