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Promising VR Adventure Game Zed Releases Next Month

Promising VR Adventure Game Zed Releases Next Month

Zed, a long in-development VR title and, curiously, one of the first games to be published by Myst developer, Cyan, is releasing in the very near future.

Cyan recently confirmed the game will arrive on Steam on 4 June. For those not keeping count, that’s just a little more than a month away.

Zed is a curious little game, first funded via Kickstarter back in 2016. It’s a puzzle game in which players embody an artist that suffers from dementia. You explore past memories via dreams, attempting to piece back together cherished images and moments. Though it’s not developed by Cyan directly, it very much looks like a game made in its spirit

Back in February, we reported that the game had been picked up by Cyan and it would now support VR. Cyan of course has its own history with VR, having released gorgeous adventure game, Obduction, a few years back. Earlier this year it passed its own Kickstarter campaign for another VR game, Firmament.

We went hands-on with Zed last month. It’s shaping up nicely. “The puzzle solving and gameplay isn’t too complex, but the narrative, art design, and feel of the game are all incredible,” we said. “It’s not easy to take a subject matter like dementia and make it into something that people want to explore, but ZED seems to do just that.”

Let’s hope it follows through this June. Zed will support the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. Fingers crossed PSVR and Quest versions are also on the cards.

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