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You Should Definitely Buy A PSVR This Black Friday

You Should Definitely Buy A PSVR This Black Friday

You might have noticed that we’re quite fond of VR here at Upload. In fact, we’re absolutely enthralled about it; we love to play in it, talk about it and write about it. But, when it comes to actually recommending you buy a VR headset? That’s another matter, because we know the realities of spending $500+ on a VR setup that requires plenty of space within your home. If you’re not at the highest tier of enthusiast, it probably still isn’t worth that much to you.

But that changes this Black Friday season.

As we reported last week, Sony’s PSVR headset is going to come down to $199.99 at select retailers for the shopping event, in bundles that include some of the headsets best games. This new price, combined with the headset’s accessibility and impressive back catalog of games, means that this is one of the first times we can wholeheartedly tell you that you should buy a VR headset.

PSVR has had a great year, arguably the best of any major VR device. It hit the ground running with an ace port of Wipeout Omega Collection and Sony has since propped it up with excellent titles like the spooky The Persistence, the enthralling Moss and sleeper hits like Bow to Blood. More recently, though, the platform’s enjoyed some genuinely brilliant games that deliver on the VR dreams we’ve all had, be it Firewall: Zero Hour‘s incredibly intense online firefights or the Mario-style delights of Astro Bot Rescue Mission. Even the most dedicated of gamers will want to check out essential oddities like Deracine and that new Tetris game is somehow absolutely marvelous, too.

Then there’s a suite of older games that remain some of the most impressive in all of VR-dom. Resident Evil 7 is probably still the most polished, high-end VR game on the market and it’s still hard to believe that Bethesda really managed to squeeze all of Skyrim into the headset. The indie support has been great too; Superhot VR, Sprint Vector, Downward Spiral, Torn and The Invisible Hours all hold up on PSVR.

And there’s more to come. Sony continues to support the platform with games like Blood and Truth and even has a new VR-dedicated developer up and running in the north of the UK. Plus, some of PC VR’s best titles like Beat Saber and The Mage’s Tale are all set to make their way to the platform in the near future.

All that’s the say that PSVR has a line-up more than worthy of that price tag, and we wouldn’t worry about the headset being replaced by a superior version at the very least until the PS5 is out (and maybe not even then). In fact, even the all-in price of the headset and a normal PS4, which also costs $199.99 with a copy of Marvel’s Spider-Man for Black Friday, is low enough to still get our thumbs up. PSVR may technically be the least impressive of the major PC and console-based headsets on the market right now, but Sony’s experience in building an ecosystem to support its products still makes it arguably the best choice of the lot. With that in mind, I can pretty confidently say that now is the time to buy PSVR.

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