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You Can Join This Year's VR Awards Inside Altspace VR

You Can Join This Year's VR Awards Inside Altspace VR

Ever wanted to go to an awards ceremony but don’t want to dress up for the occasion? Altspace VR has you covered for this year’s VR Awards.

The social VR platform will be co-hosting this year’s event, running alongside the main ceremony in London. That means you’ll be able to virtually attend in your underwear alongside your friends from across the globe (who may or may not also be in their underwear, but no one will ever know).

A free-to-join Altspace venue will be available on the night of the show. You’ll be able to take a seat (or stand, though it’s a long ceremony) and applaud the winners and commiserate the losers as if you were really there. This year’s awards see HTC up for the Best VR Headset with both the Pro and Focus devices, whilst massive titles like Skyrim, Beat Saber and Lone Echo compete for VR Game of the Year.

Altspace is no stranger to hosting live events, having held stand up comedy and music shows before.

The VR Awards kick off on October 16th. If you want to attend in person you can grab Early Bird tickets now starting at £195. Best act fast though; prices will rise later this week.

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