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World War Toons Gets New Map And VR Control Scheme In Update

World War Toons Gets New Map And VR Control Scheme In Update

Has it been a while since you dived into the wacky world of VR compatible multiplayer shooter, World War Toons by Studio Roqovan? You might want to give it a look over today; there’s plenty of new content inbound.

Headlining this update, seen in the trailer below, is a Chinese-themed new map called The Great Brawl. Set in the the wreck of the Axis team’s Dread Zepplin blimp, you’ll dart around a map unlike anything else seen in the game thus far. Also included are new weapons and player skins to decorate yourself with.

Perhaps more interesting on the VR front is a new prototype control scheme, which might help anyone that suffers from simulation sickness whilst playing. It’s a teleport option, which many developers use to comfortably move players from one spot to the next, but hasn’t really been utilised in VR multiplayer games that also use traditional stick-based locomotion before. Whether the control scheme works out with this mix remains to be seen, but for now it’s only available on the Basic Training map.

World War Toons is available now for free on PlayStation 4 in the US with optional PSVR support, and a closed PC beta is ongoing. There’s no word on when it might move into a full worldwide release on both platforms just yet.

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