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World Of Tanks Is Finally Coming To VR

World Of Tanks Is Finally Coming To VR

Multiplayer war simulator World of Tanks is one of those games that just makes too much sense in VR, but has eluded headsets thus far. That’s going to change very soon.

World of Tanks developer Wargaming announced today that it was forming a new arm of its business in partnership with VRTech. Neurogaming, as this new division is called, is to be a location-based VR gaming provider that uses in-house technology. For the service’s first game, Wargaming is building World of Tanks VR, which will bring the series’ staple multiplayer combat to headsets for the first time.

Neurogaming is currently working on two solutions for location-based VR. The first, CinemaVR, is a scalable service that focuses on multiplayer and co-op gaming and is already available in 36 locations around the world. Later this year the company will launch the solution as a service for VR arcade owners to adopt for their own locations. The other solution, PolygonVR, is aimed at competitive, long-play multiplayer and eSports with support for first and third-party content and is currently in beta.

The thought of World of Tanks in VR is quite an exciting one; cramped, claustrophobic settings in which you really have to focus and know your way around your tank could make for some of the most exciting gameplay in VR.

Sadly Wargaming didn’t note whether or not World of Tanks VR would be coming to home-based headsets in the future. Over the past few years, the company has been producing plenty of 360-degree videos that showcased historic war machines.

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