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Wonderglade Gets French Restaurant-Destroying Game In New Update

Wonderglade Gets French Restaurant-Destroying Game In New Update

Been a while since you’ve visited the colorful world of Resolution Games’ Wonderglade? You might want to take another look today; it’s getting a new update that brings in a rather unusual new mini-game.

That mini-game is Bistro Basher, which sees players visit a French restaurant and then proceed to smash all of the produce brought to their table into pieces using the Daydream controller. The game usually has a carnival theme to its experiences but this one’s a bit more on the side of lunacy.

Wonderglade also adds three new tracks to the Tip N Tilt Racing minigame with this update as well as nine new holes for Tiny Tee Golf. You can pick them up as content packs from inside the game itself either separately for $2.99 or as a bundle for $3.99. Wonderglade itself is free so you can do a bit of try before you buy. You can also now play the game in Korean, Japanese, and Chinese, should you so desire.

The title now has a total of six attractions. Resolution labels it as Daydream’s highest-rated title and, according to the Google Play page, it’s seen between 50,000 – 100,000 downloads thus far.

Resolution Games also recently launched its other mobile VR title, Bait! on Daydream as a premium product.


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