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Wolfenstein II VR Mod Released

Machine Games’ shooter sequel, Wolftenstein II, now has a VR mod.

Released over the weekend, the mod is the work of developer Helifax, and represents their first full VR mod having previously worked on 3D conversions of games like Doom Eternal. Check out some gameplay from a build of the game captured in January below. You can download the mod from here, though you’ll of course need an actual copy of the game first.

Wolfenstein II VR Mod Released

Rather then full motion controls or a gamepad-based system, the mod uses a gesture-based system that allows you to aim with some physicality whilst not turning the experience into a fully motion controlled shooter. Essentially the right motion controller will serve as the right thumbsick for aiming, though your head will still have a full 6DOF of control.

If you’re impressed with the mod you can contribute to Helifax’s Patreon campaign. It’s been a busy few months for VR mods, with developer Luke Ross also just revealing work on an Elden Ring VR mod. We also recently spoke to some of the modders behind Half-Life: Alyx’s best fan-made campaigns.

This isn’t Wolfenstein’s first brush with VR, of course. There are numerous mods for other games in the series, including the classic Wolfenstein 3D and even a means of playing Return to Castle Wolfenstein on Quest. Bethesda and Machine Games even released an official VR spin-off, Wolfenstein: Cyberpilot, a few years back. That said, it wasn’t very inspiring.

Are you going to check out this Wolfenstein II VR mod? Let us know in the comments below!

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