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E3 2019: The Wizards: Dark Times Is A Standalone Expansion From Carbon Studios

E3 2019: The Wizards: Dark Times Is A Standalone Expansion From Carbon Studios

Carbon Studios just released another port of its spell-casting VR game, The Wizards, this time on Oculus Quest. But the developer is far from done with the series.

As revealed at our E3 VR Showcase yesterday, Carbon is working on an expansion to The Wizards named Dark Times. You can check out the stunning CGI trailer below, which promises new characters and environments. Carbon says this will be a new adventure in which players travel through time to take on new foes and face more challenges.

And that’s about all we know right now. The trailer’s pretty cryptic, but we do know the game will be available to wishlist on Steam pretty soon. That practically confirms a release on Rift, Vive and hopefully the Valve Index headset, but no word on other platforms. Along with Quest, The Wizards is also available on PSVR, so hopefully, those platforms get some love too.

We quite liked the original Wizards. Back in our 2018 review we said it was “one of the better” magical VR games. “Its spell-casting system is interactive without being too cumbersome and the campaign mode packs a decent amount of content,” David Jagneaux wrote. “Plenty of collectibles, a replayable Arena mode, and lots of mission augmentations add up to this being one of the best ways to live out your most fantastical magical fantasies in VR. We just wanted more and preferably multiplayer of some kind.”

That’s far from all that was announced at our E3 VR Showing. Want more? Head over to our roundup post where you can catch all the headlines and watch the show back.

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