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Gothic VR Adventure Witching Tower Hits PSVR Next Week

Gothic VR Adventure Witching Tower Hits PSVR Next Week

Get ready to take up arms and slay some skeletons; Witching Tower hits PSVR next week.

Developer Daily Magic Productions just confirmed a September 17 release date for the game on Sony’s headset. This will be the full version of the game that originally launched on PC VR headsets in October 2018. No price for the game has been confirmed but it costs $19.99 on Steam so expect it to be around that region.

In Witching Tower you fend off hordes of dark fantasy monsters whilst also solving puzzles. Spells let you control enemies while archery gives you long-range combat options. You can see the PSVR launch trailer below.

We quite liked Witching Tower when it first released, awarding the game 7/10. “Witching Tower is an okay hack-and-slash bolted on top of a nicely spooky horror-themed adventure,” we wrote in our review. “It’s good for a solid, creepy weekend of puzzles, and is likely going to clean up at VRcades.”

Obviously it’s been a year since then, so hopefully some past updates improve the PSVR release. As for Daily Magic, we’ll be excited to see what’s next for the studio following this release. We don’t know if Witching Tower could come to Oculus Quest, for example, or if it might be working on a new game.

Witching Tower is just one of several PSVR game’s we’re looking forward to before 2019 comes to a close. Last week we rounded up 10 other titles we can’t wait to play, including Gorn, Espire 1 and more. It’s going to be a busy end to the year!

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