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Co-Op Arcade Shoot 'Em Up Wings 1941 Hits Quest In June

Co-Op Arcade Shoot 'Em Up Wings 1941 Hits Quest In June

Retro-inspired arcade shoot ’em up, Wings 1941, gets a Meta Quest (formerly Oculus Quest) store release next week.

The game — which seems to be inspired by Capcom’s arcade classic, 1942 — touches down on the standalone headset on June 2 and is currently listed in the Coming Soon section of the store. No other platforms have been announced at this time. The game features takes on some of the Second World War’s biggest battles, including D-Day, Stalingrad and the battle of Midway. It can be played either in single-player or with a friend in co-op. Check out a trailer below.

Wings 1941 Trailer

Rather than a realistic flight simulator akin to something like Warplanes or Ultrawings, Wings 1941 is played from third-person, with the user’s hand steering the aircraft similar to games like Shooty Skies Overdrive. You’ll use this mechanic to dodge bullets and grab power-ups whilst returning fire.

Overall there are 10 planes to pilot including the B17 Bomber and Hurricane as well as 10 campaigns to fight through. Bosses include zeppelins, battleships and tanks. There are leaderboards for those chasing high scores, too. We’ve seen a lot of games of this type come and go but the promise of co-op support could give Wings 1941 an edge.

Also releasing on June 2 is VR puzzle game, The Last Clockwinder, kicking off a busy month that also sees the launch of Mothergunship: Forge, Kayak VR and more as well as updates for Demeo. Are you going to be checking out Wings 1941 when it releases next week? Let us know in the comments below!

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