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Ex-PSVR Exclusive Winds & Leaves Is Coming to PC VR Next Month

Ex-PSVR Exclusive Winds & Leaves Is Coming to PC VR Next Month

Winds & Leaves, which launched as a PSVR exclusive earlier this year, is landing on PC VR early next month.

The game has been listed on Steam with a December 8th release date. Developer Trebuchet says this version of the game will feature enhanced visuals and support for room-scale tracking. Other than that, expect the full 4 – 5 hour adventure.

Winds & Leaves PC VR Confirmed

In Winds & Leaves, you explore a barren wasteland, returning the desolate scenery to life by planting trees that quickly grow into vibrant ecosystems. You move around with an arm-based locomotion system and can even speed up time. It’s a relaxing game with a set pace, but does introduce some challenges in terms of mixing seed combinations to make the right trees for a certain climate and earning new abilities to let you explore faster.

We quite liked Winds & Leaves’ relaxing pace, but encountered several bugs with the game at launch that even stopped us from seeing the game’s end. We decided to hold off on scoring the game until we could be assured these bugs were fixed and Trebuchet has released several patches since. We’ll look to deliver a final verdict once the PC VR version is out in a few weeks’ time.

And, no, there’s no confirmation of an Oculus Quest version just yet. We’ll keep you up-to-date on any more developments for the game. Are you going to be picking up Winds & Leaves on PC VR, or do you already own it on PSVR? Let us know in the comments below!

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