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Windows VR Headsets Down to Just $215 On Amazon

Windows VR Headsets Down to Just $215 On Amazon

Microsoft’s new line of Windows-based ‘Mixed Reality’ VR headsets may not be quite as good as the Oculus Rift or HTC Vive (unless we’re talking about the Samsung Odyssey), but they still offer a great VR experience and their low prices are hard to argue with. If you head over to Amazon right now, you’ll find them at their cheapest prices yet.

The online retailing giant has discounted the four entry-level headsets from Acer, Lenovo, Dell and HP by over 50% in some cases. Each of these comes bundled with a pair of hand controllers and all feature inside-out tracking, meaning there’s no need for extra sensors. It’s the Dell headset that comes out on top; at launch back in October 2017 this was one of the more expensive headsets in the range starting at $450, and now it’s just under $220 (apologies if you already picked one up).

Acer VR Headset With Controllers – $218.99

Lenovo VR Headset With Controllers – $245.99

Dell VR Headset With Controllers – $219.96

HP VR Headset With Controllers – $214.96

While these prices are pretty low for VR, don’t forget you’ll still need a fairly decent PC to power your experiences, even more so if you plan on using the experimental SteamVR support (which is pretty essential if you’re looking to buy the headset for gaming).

One has to wonder if these drastically slashed prices might be indicative of the kind of sales these headsets have garnered since launch. None of their creators have shared any official figures, though this month’s Steam hardware survey suggested that just 4% of the total VR headset share on Steam belonged to these devices right now.

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