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Why You Won't See Our Firewall: Zero Hour Review At Launch

Why You Won't See Our Firewall: Zero Hour Review At Launch

Firewall: Zero Hour, easily one of the most anticipated VR games of this year, is just a few weeks away now. The game launches in the US on August 28th, but you won’t see our review before then. Why’s that?

While it may usually be the case that a game’s developer or publisher has set a review embargo maybe a day ahead of launch, in this instance we know that developer First Contact Entertainment won’t actually be sending out review code until the big day. It recently said as much in an online blog.

The reason for this, First Contact says, is to avoid having press waiting long stretches of time trying to find games when there simply aren’t that many people playing. “By waiting until servers are fully populated, reviewers will get the full intended experience – representative of the social, collaborative and competitive thrills you can only get by playing with real people,” the team wrote.

Firewall does offer a small single-player mode, though the game is largely intended to be played online, pitting teams of four against each other in attack and defend-style missions.

You probably won’t see our Firewall review on August 28th, then, but we’ll try and get you some comprehensive impressions as soon as humanly possible. We have, however, just got another lengthy hands-on session with the game at an event.

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