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Welcome To The New UploadVR

You may notice a new look here at UploadVR. We’ve rebuilt our website from the ground up for a cleaner reading experience.

Our old website had its fair share of issues. Some were visible to you as a reader, while others hampered our work from behind the scenes.

With the new UploadVR, we’ve replaced the small low-contrast typography with a larger, crisper font, and we no longer overlay headlines on images. We’ve gotten rid of many of the design inconsistencies and quirks of our old design, simplified our layout, and launched a new portal for our weekly shows.

We hope these changes will make reading UploadVR more enjoyable as we continue to strive to be the best source of VR and AR news, analysis, advice, and recommendations over the coming decade.

Introducing UploadVR Membership

As with most news outlets, our primary revenue source is programmatic advertising. But with the new UploadVR, we’re offering the ability to support us directly instead. Please consider becoming a member and supporting the work we do on a regular basis.

As the global economy worsens, many companies are scaling back their output or ramping up the aggressiveness of their advertising. But with memberships, we believe you can help us avoid either.

Subscribing will remove programmatic ads on all your devices and add the ability to give your take on our articles. We’ve replaced the old Disqus comments with a new dedicated space for these takes. Takes are prominently displayed directly under the article, with the same font size as the article itself. It’s a space where we hope to see high-quality and extended views that can complement or contrast with the work we put our bylines on. We’ll be reading them all, replying often, and using your thoughts to inform our future coverage.

This might be disappointing to people who liked our previous comments space, but non-members can continue to discuss our articles in the replies on Twitter, Facebook, and other social media platforms our articles are shared to.

While we hope you will choose to directly support us, we want to be clear that membership is optional. Our website and our articles remain accessible for free, supported by programmatic advertising as always.

Introducing The UploadVR Newsletter

The VR and AR industry sometimes moves faster than any other field in tech. We understand you won’t always have time to keep up.

That’s why we’re now offering a weekly UploadVR Newsletter. Each week we’ll deliver you a summary of the most important VR and AR news, straight to your inbox.

The Coming Decade

At UploadVR, we remain as optimistic as ever about the prospects for the VR and AR industry. We’ve been obsessed with VR for a decade and we still believe it stands to become the next generation of personal computing that will change the way people live their lives in ways we can’t yet predict. It’s clear to us that the future of VR is as underestimated as ever. As politicians, executives, and the general public begin to grasp the enormity of the change underway, UploadVR will continue to bring you the latest as we hold companies to account.

This is still just the beginning and, with your support, UploadVR will chart the course of this fast-moving space throughout the rest of this decade, as VR continues its path from a nascent hobbyist space to a thriving consumer market that will impact all of our lives.

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