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We Are One Is A VR Puzzle Shooter Playing With Time Loops, Free Prologue Launched

We Are One is another VR puzzle shooter that plays with the concept of time.

But, rather than artificially controlling time like in Superhot, this new game from developer Flat Head Studio features a one-player co-op mechanic similar to Transpose or the upcoming The Last Clockwinder. Check it out in the trailer below.

We Are One Revealed

Playing as what essentially looks like a sentient humanoid plant (really), you fight back against the evils of industrialization. Each level sees you working out specific actions, recording them, and then playing them out in a sequence to help you defeat enemies.

So one level might start with a gun out of view from some enemies, for example. You’d first have to record yourself throwing the gun to a better spot and then travel to that spot to catch it. Harder levels might see you shoot down a bunch of enemies in one spot and then pass the gun along to another position.

You can try the game out today via the launch of a new Prologue chapter. It’s available on Steam for PC VR and AppLab and SideQuest for Quest, with the full title expected to arrive later this year.

Are you going to be checking out We Are One? Let us know in the comments below!

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