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Watch A Windows VR Headset Running SteamVR With The Zero Dome

Watch A Windows VR Headset Running SteamVR With The Zero Dome

Pillow Head Games has another update video of its promising zero-gravity shooter, The Zero Dome, this month, but the footage also gives us a glimpse of a Windows VR headset running in SteamVR.

Microsoft’s new headsets, made in partnership with a range of companies, are releasing tomorrow. Developers currently have access to a closed beta that allows them to try their games running inside the devices via SteamVR, Valve’s VR platform that already supports the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. In the video below, Pillow Head’s Braycen Jackwitz can be seen using the Acer VR headset and motion controllers with a build of the game running in SteamVR.

In short, everything looks like it’s running smoothly; the developer is able to play with as much ease and comfort as if they were on Rift and Vive. That’s a pretty encouraging sign. Even more impressive is the fact that Pillow Head only got access to the beta the morning of the day the video was recorded, meaning Windows support was integrated in no time at all. Jackwitz even says the game is “perfectly playable” with the motion controllers.

That will come as a relief to many, as concerns have been raised about the quality of controller tracking when these controllers aren’t directly in front of the sensors mounted on the headset. When we played Superhot VR on Dell’s Windows device last month we did have issues with the tracking, but we’ll soon be able to bring you impressions from final units.

The Zero Dome itself continues to look promising, like an action-orientated twist on Echo Combat. An Early Access release is coming later this year.

A public beta for SteamVR support with Windows VR, meanwhile, will also be arriving later this year.

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