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Watch UploadVR On Kinda Funny Games Daily Today!

Watch UploadVR On Kinda Funny Games Daily Today!

UploadVR is coming to your favorite garbage truck on fire.

Yup, that’s right, we’re talking all things VR on Kinda Funny Games Daily today with none other than Greg Miller. Games Editor David Jagneaux will be in the studio at 12pm PT for the full show, which you can watch right here. We can neither confirm nor deny that he is, in fact, the real shirtless Spider-Man.

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It’s a busy time for the VR gaming scene with a lot of great new content arriving every week, so you can be sure that we’ll chat about some of your favorite releases. Both David and Greg seem to share a slight obsession with Firewall Zero Hour, so don’t be surprised if it crops up. Also keep an eye out, because we’re going to be giving copies of the game away on the stream.

And if you’re one of the Kinda Funny best friends joining us for the first time, welcome! UploadVR is your one-stop shop for all things VR. Make sure to check out our new (and evolving) list of 100 VR games you should be playing and head over to our reviews section too, they’re great places to start.

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