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Watch Jimmy Fallon Play VR Pictionary With 'Tilt Brush'

Watch Jimmy Fallon Play VR Pictionary With 'Tilt Brush'

Much to the despair of many, t’is the season to play Pictionary. But VR owners can spruce up this year’s edition of family game time — and save on A5 paper — as demonstrated on The Tonight Show last week.

Host Jimmy Fallon gathered actor Andrew Rannells, comedian Michael Che and writer Steve Higgins for a round of VR Pictionary on a recent edition of the show. Using Google’s brilliant creativity app, Tilt Brush, two teams took it in turns to draw out phrases given to them in secret for their team mate to guess. Fallon draws a pretty suspicious snake charmer and an even stranger pickpocket.

Beyond the humor, this is actually a pretty nice way to showcase VR just before the holiday season, even if it’s probably a little late to convince some people to lay down $799 for a Vive. It speaks to how intuitive the tech can be, getting them to draw within VR within just seconds of being introduced to the tech. If we’d been there ourselves we would have scolded Higgins for teasing Fallon while he was in VR. That’s something we don’t want to see this holiday season.

Tilt Brush is one of a number of apps that will be perfect to show friends and family over the holidays. We made a list of others apps you should download if you’re showing off your shiny new hardware.

It’s not the first time Fallon has showcased VR to hilarious effect. I still remember when he first showed PlayStation VR, then known as Project Morpheus, back in 2014. He stroked what he thought was Channing Tatum’s virtual face and then screamed as a dragon landed right in front of him. Sadly the video doesn’t seem to exist any more. It was something of a classic.


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