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Watch: Best Forklift Operator's VR Support Shown Off In New Trailer

Watch: Best Forklift Operator's VR Support Shown Off In New Trailer

Forget Zenith, Wanderer and GTA: San Andreas – there’s a VR forklift simulator on the way.

Best Forklift Operator is being published by Yupitergrad developer, Gamedust, and is developed by Setapp, adapted from its work on professional-level driving simulators. It’s going to be a flatscreen game with optional VR support, and should be arriving sometime in 2022. Check out the new trailer below.

Best Forklift Operator VR Trailer

This, then, is pretty much what it says on the tin. You’ll need to master immersive forklift controls as you transport cargo to and fro in a warehouse. The game has a full campaign mode in which you can earn money for unlocks, as well as an arcade mode for a more sandbox approach. The trailer shows you having full hand control in VR, but also running up against the game’s realistic physics. It’s safe to assume you’ll be making a fair few spillages.

Best Forklift Operator will first release in early access, where it will have most of its features included. Over the course of the following two to three months, Setapp anticipates polishing the game, adding new forklift types and other content. It’ll come to PC first, though there’s no word on possilbe Quest or PSVR versions right now.

Are you going to be checking out Best Forklift Operator? Let us know in the comments below!

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